"Rien, moins que rien, pourtant la vie." Aragon

A la découverte de la beauté et de la vie ...

A la découverte de la beauté et de la vie ...

vendredi 6 mars 2009

PEINTURE - Rebecca Crowell

Rebecca Crowell
A Small Dream (2005)
15"x15" oil on board

Rebecca Crowell
Niche, 7.5"x7" done with mixed media on paper

Rebecca Crowell est une artiste américaine du Wisconsin. Elle écrit sur son site :
"I received my MFA in 1985 from Arizona State University and since that time have been living and working in rural Wisconsin, surrounded by forty acres of woods and fields. This location inspires my nature-based imagery, and allows for a lots of focused studio time. Minneapolis and St. Paul are close enough to provide an urban art scene, which I appreciate as well.
Elle s'inspire dès lors beaucoup de la nature pour créer ses abstractions.


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